Custom packaging soap wholesale China introduces the history of soap
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Custom packaging soap wholesale China introduces the history of development

In the song dynasty, a kind of synthetic detergent appeared. It was made from natural saponin pods (also known as saponin horn, hanging knife and soap pod, commonly known as saponin horn) by grinding them and adding spices to make a ball the size of an orange. Song people carefully "wu Lin old story" volume six "small broker" recorded that the southern song dynasty Kyoto Lin 'an has a special business "soap group" businessmen.

Li shizhen in the Ming dynasty, compendium of materia medica recorded the method of making "soap ball" : the soap pod was born in high mountains, the tree was tall, the leaves were like sandalwood and acacia leaves, flowering in May and June, the pod was three or four inches thick and fleshy, there were several sunspots inside, as big as fingers, not round, there were white kernel, edible. Oct it is better to gather pods, and to boil and pound them, and to make pellets of white flour, and of all spices, and to bathe the body, and to remove dirt and grease, than to make shittim pods. In addition to natural soap pods, such as no seeds and other plants, also spread in the folk, as a good detergent.

Custom packaging soap wholesale China

In the west, it probably dates back 4,000 years to the ancient Greek island of lesbos. The local people used animals to worship to heaven, and because the animals were burned with wood, the ash from the wood mixed with animal fat produced a soapy yellow substance. Heavy rains washed these items into rivers where local women often washed their clothes, and they found that their clothes were cleaner as a result.

Although traces of the use of similar soap have been found since ancient Greece, there is a historical reference to a woman poet called Sappho,aponification, who wrote about these stories. Later people called this process saponification in memory of her. The chemical name was SoapMaking.

Records of washing wool with potassium soap made from oils and plant ashes containing potassium carbonate date back to 2500 BC. Since the 19th century, the production of soap has entered the stage of industrialization due to the development of the alkali method of lubran, and reached its peak in the middle of the 20th century. In the late 1980s, unilever and soap factory jointly produced high-quality "lux" beauty and skin care soap, which promoted the development of domestic soap making industry. In the early 1990s, p&g produced antibacterial and healthy "safeguard" soap in China, which further promoted the development of domestic soap making industry. In the late 1990s, the market share of domestic soaps gradually expanded. And there was liquid soap, liquid soap, or bath fluid.

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