The question about the efficacy of handmade soap is exaggerated
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The issue of the exaggerated efficacy of handmade soaps shared by Custom packaging soap wholesale China.

In fact, I've always wondered what effect handmade soap can have. Don't doubt! As a soap maker, I would say that there are many people out there who have this myth to answer.

Before going shopping in a department store, just to do a shop to do Marseilles soap, shop lady is very good at selling, for her interpretation, now feel very good; But then I was stunned: "our handmade soap can be used instead of a facial mask." 'our handmade soap needs to be washed carefully so it stays on your skin for a while and the more you wash it, the smoother it gets.' "Our handmade soap... ." All in all, according to her, her handmade soap is a god!!! (faint) that want to simply say: "because I use the hand soap, as a result, people become smart, got a perfect score in test, red every day, luck also good, business is becoming more and more developed, walk on the road often pick up the money, more let I met a handsome boy fall in love with him, finally we got married ~ and also began to use soaps, handsome husband I very happy every day, really want to thank the custom flavor soap China readmitted."

The above is a bit exaggerated, but I have encountered the same problem, like someone asked about the efficacy of the above, it is always hard to say. For example, some natural plants or mineral additives in handmade soaps, including dried plants, traditional Chinese medicine, essential oils, mineral slime, etc., have what effect on the skin after addition? Let's start by clarifying a few things:

1. Handmade soap itself is soap. Since it is soap, the most important function is of course "cleaning", rather than focusing too much on efficacy.

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2. Of course, the additives in the custom Goat milk soap cannot be said to have no effect at all, because non-soap ingredients such as essential oils can be absorbed by the skin while the soap cleans the skin. However, if it is true that the soap is effective, I'm afraid it is still far from effective.

3. Many additives will destroy the original ingredients due to the process of alkali and saponification in the production process, and not all natural plant additives are suitable to be put into the soap, so they can present the original effect or expect the curative effect.

4. The washing shaping of handmade soaps does not come from these plant additives, but from the types of vegetable oils used for saponification with alkali. For dry, sensitive, oily skin, should be careful to choose different kinds and proportions of vegetable oil, make suitable soap on the. Most of the additions are supporting parts, but they are often exaggerated as the main characters.

5. After saponification, vegetable oil is no longer the original appearance. Don't think that the saponified olive oil becomes olive soap.

6. Essential oils to add although they are not the problem, but essential oil can evaporate, that is to say, unless you use a more composed of volatile oils, or like a cold soap which need to put a one or two months to mature the soap, then oil almost all volatile light, began to use only a faint fragrance, since it is so, more don't expect him to have what kind of special curative effect. Nevertheless of essential oil add, can because of particular sweet atmosphere of course, and when bathing, achieve the effect of cheerful body and mind, perhaps this can regard as a kind of "curative effect"!